My Dad gave me my strong work ethic…

He started the family business as an auto mechanic right in my grandparent's garage.

He worked non-stop, 7 days a week, throughout my entire childhood.


I joined him after graduating high school, earning the princely sum of $18/hour as a grease monkey.

That kind of thing is not unusual around here.

Look around my neighborhood and you’ll see proud, hard working people…

Street tough carpenters, firefighters, plumbers and building contractors.

Like me, they came up the hard way -- working their fingers to the bone. Grinding out 15-hour workdays and not a cent of overtime pay for clocking in on Saturdays.

Today, many of them own their own businesses. They’ve saved up a wad of cash.

They’re just not sure what the hell to do with it.

That’s what prompted my surprising career move.

So I said GOODBYE to manual labor, and HELLO to the exciting world of buying and selling stocks.

I’ve been at it for over 10 years now. And I gained a reputation in the neighborhood.

So something like this could happen tomorrow...

My neighbor Pete strolls over with a beer in his
hand and says…

“Hey Anthony, I hear you’re pretty good at managing money. Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, go for it.”

“Well, I’ve been an electrician since I was 18. I just turned 55 and I’ve got a wife and three kids.”

“Yep, I know. They’re all great.”

“Between you and me, I’ve managed to squirrel away $150,000 for the kids’ education… future vacations… all that stuff. Plus retirement, of course.”

“Is that enough?”

I swallowed hard.

I knew he wouldn’t like what I had to say next…

“Sorry Pete, YOU’RE SCREWED.”

The words were out of my mouth before I knew it.

You could hear a pin drop.

For a minute, I expected a clenched fist to come crashing straight into my jaw.

Cuz no one talks to these guys that way.

Not me. Not even the cops.

But here’s the thing.

He wasn’t mad.

It’s just that no one had told him the truth before.

I told him,

“Your plan only works if you plan on dying before you're 70 years old.”

That woke him up. I explained how his 150 grand might eventually grow to $250,000 if he invests wisely.

And that's likely before tax.

“So God knows what you’ll have 10 years from now.”

And that’s without all the inevitable expenses…

⇨    “What about all the times you want to play a round of golf, go out to eat, or take a trip with your kids?”

⇨    “What if, God forbid, someone gets sick? Or one of your kids wants to go to a high-priced college on the coast?”

“You’ll barely squeak by, and you won't be happy.”

Then I hit him with the kicker…

“Oh, by the way, if there's a 2008 disaster type event, you're toast -- you might need to work until you’re 90.”

Maybe you’re like Pete…

You probably never thought you’d have six figures in the bank.

Sorry, it's probably not enough.

Because it’s getting scary out there.

Inflation Is popping…

Commodities are soaring…

And house prices are going through the roof!

According to CNBC, the median price of a home sold was $341,600, an increase of 19.1% from April 2020.

Yikes. That’s the biggest jump ever.

And it’s not just houses… price inflation is breaking out everywhere.

According to Bloomberg, raw material prices are moving in only one direction…

Up, up, WAY UP!


But you’d never know it from most media outlets. The LAST thing they want you to know is that the floor is slipping out from under you.

Don’t kill the messenger, but…

Using conventional methods, you’ll be hard pressed to grow that money fast enough to stay ahead in this crazy world.

You need a better, faster way to wealth…

So that it’s possible to start with $150,000 or less…

Then get an opportunity to double it. Then double it again to $600k. Maybe even double it one more time to $1.2 million.

Now you’re finally on solid ground.

Well, I’m here to introduce a revolutionary new program that gives you the chance to do exactly that.

It’s the pinnacle achievement of my career.

I call it the Million Dollar Rapid-Wealth Retirement Plan.

I’m gonna tell you about it right now.

But if you’re a pre-retiree like Pete, you’d better move fast.

Because you don’t have much time to build your nest egg.


“Let Me Confess How I Got Here”

Where I grew up, everyone was looking for a way out of factory life.

That’s why I give my Dad so much credit.

He worked his butt off, but sadly… he missed out on so many things… school events, birthdays, family vacations and so much more. 

But at least he was keeping a roof over our heads.


Then tragedy struck.

Cancer took my mother at a young age, and I watched everything change… 

The business needed help, and so did my family.

I had no choice but to step up.

At first, I didn’t know what to do.

I had been a mediocre student in high school, so how could I make a real difference?

Working as a car mechanic wasn’t going to cut it in the long term.

But I was determined to find a way.

I looked at the stock market… I started trading and I tried strategy after strategy to figure something out. 


I tried dozens of different trading programs, strategies and indicators, many of which didn't deliver consistently. 

They would be great for a while, but then would fall apart.

I started thinking I wasn’t cut out for it.

But then about 10 years ago, I finally hit pay dirt!

Today, I believe this revolutionary way of trading can make your returns more consistent…

Helping to limit your losses… 


While potentially churning out impressive gains, like clockwork.

For me, it’s been nothing less than a LIFE SAVER!


It’s my “secret sauce”, and I want to make it yours as well.

Look, do you think successful Wall Street trader are studying 6,000 equities and looking at charts all day? No. Trust me they aren’t.


Their secret is finding a small handful of trades at a time.


They zone in on the BIGGEST opportunities in the entire market – while giving all the overhyped investments the cold-shoulder.


Then they get to understand these investments BETTER than anyone else… meaning they can see moves happening BEFORE anyone else… and repeatedly tap them for reliable profits.


That’s exactly what I’ve done.

I worked hard for a decade, constantly coming up the steep learning curve.

I studied the market. I watched the trends. I got to understand the patterns with my eyes closed.

And I never gave up.

All my hard work finally paid off!

Today, I’ve gotten to the point where I can almost predict what’s going to happen better than anyone I know.

I’m riding the markets, anticipating their movements, and nailing big paydays like crazy.

So, after over a decade of trial and error, I’ve gone from being a washed up $18 an hour grease monkey…

Helping my family stay afloat…

To putting down my wrenches… and giving myself a shot at earning hundreds of thousands of dollars every year in practically passive income.

The crazy thing? It’s simple to do once you know what you’re doing.

Rule #1 – Just Say NO to All the B.S. Investments Out There…

Right now, Wall Street is pitching a whole load of B.S. to the masses…

Hot stock opportunities – boasting glittering exteriors but very little substance.

Like EV stocks that are all the rage right now. Just look at Yahoo Finance… ad after ad pitching the next big lithium battery stock or some hot electric car marketer.

⇨      Careful! Most could be trash, without even $1 in revenue, so don’t get taken in. (In a minute, I’ll show you the ticker symbol for an alternative Electric Vehicle play that could potentially give you a 379% profit – and fast.)

What about Pot Stocks?

⇨      Don’t get me started… over, done, nada. The way I see it, theMarijuana Boom has gone too far, too fast. Now it’s hitting a brick wall. I’ve got a better way to make money here. The real money I see is in underground “sin stocks”. And one of the best sin stocks I know could potentially TRIPLE YOUR MONEY IN 36 MONTHS if you get positioned now.

We’re hearing a lot of chatter about Inflation Stocks…

⇨      Sorry, the traditional inflation hedges probably won’t get you where you want to be today. Commodities like lumber are played out, not to mention things like copper, iron ore and wheat. You’ve gotta switch tactics, and I’ve got a better way to potentially make 4 to 5 times what you might make on those investments.

How about big blue chips like Coca Cola, IBM, General Mills?

⇨       Bad idea! Now is NOT the time to buy blue chips, unless you want to make a paltry 3% a year and wallow away in sorrow for the rest of your life.  Lots of folks buy these for the dividends. It’s not enough. The “dividend aristocrats” will leave you driving a go-kart in retirement. In just a minute, I’ll show you an underground play that could multiply the growth and yield prospects compared to regular ol’ blue chips. Not by double or triple – I’m talking up to 10 TIMES the amount.

Finally, what about all those index funds that brokers love to load people up with?

⇨       Wrong!  If you already have $10 million dollars, you’re fine investing in these. And I mean $10 million.  Anything less and it simply doesn’t make sense.  

Instead, I’ll show you how to redirect a portion of your portfolio away from boring index funds… and straight into opportunities that no one on CNBC is talking about. That’s where you have the chance to make serious cash… and stay way ahead of the money-grabbers in D.C.

Of course, there’s been a ton of hype about these types of investments. But they rarely end well.

So beware the B.S. you hear in the financial media… the tv pundits… and the high-priced fund managers in Armani suits who are quoted day in and day out.

Frankly, they have a different agenda.

They’re getting airtime cuz they’re good at selling advertising. People watch ‘em, ratings go up… it’s almost like Hollywood where you have to look good and do a little song & dance to get ahead.

Sorry folks, the talking heads are never, ever going to show you where all the special “smart money” situations are hiding.

NO WONDER so many investors are saying…

man with money

“I’m mad as hell and will NEVER again trust Washington or Wall Street with my precious money.”

If you’ve been burned by Washington or Wall Street over the years – and you’re ANXIOUS that another wipe-out may be just around the corner…

There’s simply no other way to say it: Trusting Wall Street has a cruel history of bankrupting millions of Americans…

This fact has always bothered me.

Like back in the 1990s, Wall Street’s salesmen urged you to buy Internet stocks at 500 and 1,000 times earnings — and even tried to railroad you into stocks with no earnings at all.

According to the Fed, nearly $6.6 trillion vanished into thin air when those stocks crashed and burned.

Then, in 2001, Washington got into the act — driving interest rates to their lowest levels since World War II … creating the greatest real estate bubble in history … all while money-hungry bankers and brokers pocketed money while leaving ordinary citizens holding the bag.

The Fed’s latest report reveals that another $15.5 trillion was wiped out in the great real estate bust, credit crisis and recession that followed.

And who can forget the 2000-2002 dot-com crash? It remains one of the defining features of modern economic life.

The tech-heavy NASDAQ hit a high-water mark of 5,049 in March 2000. Then the wheels came off — faster than you can imagine…

It dropped like a 5-ton brick down to 1,114 in 2002.


Incredibly, seventy-eight cents of each dollar vanished in just over two years.

Companies previously worth billions fell to zero. Good companies were dragged down with the bad. For example,

● Cisco Systems Inc. (CSCO) lost 86% of its market cap.

● Amazon (AMZN) stock fell from $107 to just $7.

Well, it’s déjà vu all over again. Investors are feeling dangerously exposed.

A major pullback could begin at any time.

On top of that, the government will make you pay
your UN-fair share.

For die-hard libertarians like me, these are trying times.

We’re getting it from all sides.

Now, I’m not talking about insane food prices… crazy used car markups… overpriced homes… and out of control gas at the pump… 

I’m talking about the massive government overreach that you and I are gonna have to pay for.

You’ve heard about the new $3.5 Trillion infrastructure bill, right? Well, I have some bad news…

The end result could be millions of hardworking people going broke.

Because it’s loaded with billions in “pork barrel” spending for public housing… electric car subsidies… the elimination of oil and gas… plus billions more in handouts for a select few minority groups.

● Maybe you’ve heard about $1.4 trillion in student debt that’s about to be, quote, “forgiven.” Yep, $1.4 Trillion. 

● Plus moratoriums on rent, to the tune of billions. It’s not even legal, and yet we’ll be expected to pay for that giveaway, too. 

● How about $79 billion in food stamps that got added with one stroke of President Biden’s pen?  Yep, we’ll be forking out for that, too.

(And don’t get me going on things like gun legislation.)

My God, where will it end?

You don’t need a PhD in finance to know who’s going to pay for all this…

All these trumped-up taxes and crazy handouts will be coming out of your pocket – and mine.

Make no mistake, you will be forced to pay your UN-fair share.

So what if I told you there’s a different strategy to claw back your money

A proven way to potentially sidestep the carnage – and come out FAR RICHER on the other side?

Today I’m going to show you – in very down-to-earth terms – a time-honored strategy that gives you the opportunity to crank out more money than greedy government politicians and Wall Street con artists can rob from you!


In fact, I’ve been using this proprietary investment strategy for more than a decade … and I can tell you it has the power to potentially turn every dollar you’ve saved into up to a whopping $44…

Sounds incredible, right?

The WORST Thing You Can Do Is Not Protect Yourself

Folks, I’m not saying we’re on the cusp of the Great Recession of 2022… staring into an abyss that could conceivably wipe 25%... 40%... more than 50% off the value of the stock market.

But I’m not ruling it out, either.

The dangers to your portfolio are REAL—and I want you to be FULLY PREPARED for what may come next.

Luckily for you, I’ve dedicated my life to cutting through the B.S. and showing ordinary people how they can succeed in the markets.

Which is why, if you’re tired of being lied to about what’s really going on…

I have incredible news. 

Today, I’m unveiling one of the most important projects of my career. 

It’s the capstone of all my years trading the markets – and helping people like you do it, too.

I’m going to show you how to harness a remarkable strategy intended to maximize your profit potential and minimize your risk -- no matter what the bimbos in Washington and the con men on Wall Street have planned for you next.



Across the USA, Ordinary Folks Are Now Getting the Chance to Get $250,000… $500,000… Even $1,000,000 Richer By Tapping Into My Rapid Wealth Multiplier Engine.

Imagine how much RICHER you'd be today — right now — if you had a secret "stock-picking GPS" that sniffs out potentially explosive stock moves BEFORE THEY HAPPEN.

A confidential “stock picking GPS” that identifies stocks with the power to multiply your returns by as much as double, triple, even quadruple?

And over time, has enough power to pay up to $44 for every $1 you invest!

Well, that's exactly what I'm handing to you today.

I’m going to show you that the secret to building real, lasting wealth …

✓    Is NOT about giving in when faced with an avalanche of new taxes, handouts, and giveaways from Washington D.C.

✓    Is NOT about throwing cash at every bandwagon you see rolling down Wall Street.

✓    Is NOT about grabbing “hot” stock tips from fancy-dressed brokers or from friends that invariably turn into duds.

✓    Is NOT about choosing your investments by “gut feel”… or getting so emotionally attached to a particular investment that you recklessly shovel too much money into it.

✓    And is DEFINITELY NOT about building a portfolio cluttered with odds and ends you picked up over the years and just never got around to selling!

In fact …

Serious wealth-building only begins when you STOP merely “buying investments” …

And START building wealth methodically and simply — with a scientifically-constructed portfolio intended to maximize your profit potential and slash your risk!


But to do that, it helps to have one, indispensable piece of information — the “golden key” that I’ve spent more than a decade refining…

And that 99% of all investors lack.

In a nutshell, you must be able to rank each publicly-listed company according to its profit potential in today’s environment. You must be able to rate them all from best to worst. And you must have enough confidence in those scores to BUY THE ONES AT THE VERY TOP.

Easier said than done? Of course!

Luckily for you, we have

a big ace up our sleeves …

Now is the time to introduce what I’m convinced is a huge advantage over nearly all other investors…

Back in 2000, an unknown accounting professor named Joseph D. Piotroski set out to prove how a simple ranking system can help you make better investment decisions.

Never heard of him? I’m not surprised.

He shuns publicity and rarely gives interviews.

But his contribution to the world of smart investing is huge. In my opinion, he’s done almost as much to help the ordinary investor succeed as legends like Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, and William O’Neill.

He developed an often super-effective stock price predictor called the F-Score. It assigns a number between 0 and 9 across a range of crucial variables to assess a company’s financial strength. (Nine being the top score).

What he found was something that exceeded his (and my) most optimistic expectations.

Buying only those companies that scored highest (8 or 9) on his nine-point scale, over the 20-year period from 1976 to 1996 – and shorting companies with the worst score (0 or 1)…

Led to an average yearly return of 23.0%, substantially outperforming the average S&P 500 index return of 15.8% over the same period.

In case you’re thinking this average outperformance of the market of just over 7% per year doesn’t seem like much...

Consider two crucial things…

1)    Nearly 90% of investment funds fail to beat the S&P index .

2)    An investment of $100 in this strategy would have grown to 6,282 compared to only 1,860 if you invested in the S&P 500 index.

BOTTOM LINEThe difference between these two rates of return over the 20-year period equates to OVER 44 TIMES THE INITIAL INVESTMENT!

Imagine being able to possibly multiply your money


Winning can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack, right?

Well, I’ve sweated through a lot of trial and error… stress… and sleepless nights.

Every time I went to the grocery store – I grabbed a few bottles of wine just to keep me from losing my sanity.  

But after all these years of number crunching, I finally “cracked the code”... and here’s what it means for you.


●     FIRST: I run all 7,500 publicly-listed companies in the USA through the fabulous F-score calculator…

●     SECOND: I eliminate all the B.S. stocks – anything below an 8…

●     THIRD: I embellish it with a few highly predictive variables of my own… including scrutinizing each company’s financial accounts from year to year to see if they are profitable, growing cash flow, reducing debt, increasing assets, and generating more sales from those assets.

And as a final screen…

I eliminate any stock that is too expensive to be considered.

Why? Because I don’t target expensive stocks. That increases our risk.

I’m only interested in those bargain-priced diamonds in the rough.

So you can see, combing the markets for the most lucrative Rapid Wealth Multiplier stocks is no walk in the park.

However, I can tell you that in my personal experience, NOTHING has been more effective at making big money than MY PROPRIETARY STOCK-PICKING ENGINE....

Not momentum investing...  Not technical investing... Not bond trading... Not after-hours trading... Not weekend trading... Not short selling...


GREAT NEWS! I’m finally ready to release my proprietary “Million Dollar Rapid Wealth Multiplier” that points to stocks with high potential trades.

So how’s it working?

I’ve dedicated my life to finding only winning stocks, and I’m thrilled to say I’m using this money-making engine to hit the bulls-eye on most trades. And I’m not talking squeakers here. I mean 10-, 20-, 30-BAGGERS and more!

Behind the scenes, I've used it to COMPETE WITH the most respected... most admired... and most accomplished people on Wall Street.

And I’m doing it without getting a GED, BS, MS, MBA, PhD, or any other useless degree.

All I needed were my street smarts and a very powerful secret that I’m going to share today, for the first– and probably only time ever.

It’s a secret that has made me more effective at making money than anyone else in the country outside of maybe Warren Buffett.

Because my Million Dollar Rapid Wealth Multiplier engine cuts out all the B.S.… and zeroes in on the BIGGEST, most PROFIT DRIPPING stock opportunities out there. Leaving only the best, most promising stock picks at any moment in time.

It’s downright merciless…

In fact, it’s as close to a pure scientific stock-picking machine as you'll find anywhere!


Just how rigorous and RESTRICTIVE is my proprietary Rapid Wealth Multiplier engine?

Out of roughly 7,500 publicly listed stocks out there…

ONLY about 12 stocks make the cut any given time!

Psssst: I just ran the latest version of these Wealth Rockets – and you can get a sneak peek for FREE here

Wealth Rockets

Hot Off the Press! Grab your copy of my biggest Wealth Rockets – as of NOW:
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Sometimes Boring is Beautiful…

When you grab my new special report, you’ll notice something straight away…

Many of my #1 picks are tiny, no-name stocks. You probably haven’t heard of them, or if you did, they’re not the ones you’d expect me to be recommending. Well, that’s the way my Rapid Wealth Multiplier engine works.

It IGNORES all the hype, B.S. and misinformation out there… and instead zeroes in on what the numbers, underlying trends, and CASH FLOWS are saying…

Allowing me to identify opportunities where you can make 5x… 10x… 15x… even 50 TIMES YOUR MONEY.

For example, bank stocks have the potential to make you incredibly wealthy, and I have no doubt they will continue to be the market’s most prized assets.

But I know what you’re thinking…

Bank stocks are NOT sexy. They are NOT in the news. They’re NOT in my Twitter feed. 

OK, they’re boring as all hell.  But so freaking what?!!!

  • 🡺   If boring means almost NEVER having to lose money…
  • 🡺   If boring means posting awesome gains like 354%,  452%, 689%, 1,167% and 8,787%...
  • 🡺   And if boring means having a chance to retire in SUPREME LUXURY

Mr Boring

Then I’ll happily engrave “Mr. Boring” on my tombstone. How about you?

So are YOU ready for a barrage of no-name stocks with huge potential to come shooting at you every week or two?

Because frankly, only ONE thing matters…

Getting RICH is the best revenge!

While I’ve been refining this Rapid Wealth Multiplier engine for years…

Both for my personal portfolio, and advising some of America’s richest 1% where to put their money…

This is the FIRST time I’m making it available outside my circle of family, friends, and close clients.

And WHOA! What an opportune time it is.

My private formula is working GANGBUSTERS!

When I back tested it over the last year, my Rapid Wealth Multiplier engine was able to zero in on a ton of triple-digit winners... As shown by these peak gains over the last 12 months…

Like Atkore Inc. for a 385% peak gain


Builders FirstSource, Inc. for a 354% peak gain.


Pitney Bowes (PBI) for a 452% peak gain

Pitney Bowes

And Lands End (LE) for a sweet 689% peak gain

Lands End

Frankly, almost no one was talking about these stocks at the time. But I didn’t care. All I need to know is that my stock-picking Rapid Wealth Multiplier gave them a Strong Buy rating… AND YOU CAN SEE WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!

Let me remind you, these are NOT option gains, they’re stock gains!   

And going forward, here’s the plan:

I find these companies and share them with my network.

The price goes up...

And anyone who is smart enough to also get in these plays can make a crap ton of money.

 That’s real investing. That’s how it’s supposed to work.

Plenty of promoters, analysts and traders will try to convince you this can’t work.

 It’s Complete and Utter B.S.!!!

And one.. two.. three… up to a dozen new opportunities like these are popping up on my screens every single week.

I’d really love to share them with you because…

Seriously tough times are on the horizon…

All this talk about proposed tax increases, debt forgiveness, and moratoriums pisses me off… but getting angry doesn’t do anyone any good.


So today, I suggest you don’t spend a second of your life worrying about what the market is doing... what the talking heads on CNBC are rambling on about… or what new taxes the President is about to hang around your neck.

Because I have a secret weapon… that you can use in good times, and bad.

Like a Browning X-Bolt hunting rifle – it lets us sneak up on our prey from a distance.


And bag our reward before anyone knows the hunt is on.

Let me show you how my Rapid Wealth Multiplier engine helped me identify a handful of massive winners over the last 24 months in a back test study…

Rent-a-Center had a 227% gain...

Rent a Center

PBI returned a 368% gain...


Tempur Sealy produced a 286% gain...

Tempur Sealy

Go back further and the back test results are even more eye-popping… Over the past 10 years, my laser-like Rapid Wealth Multiplier system was able to identify towering multi-baggers...

Like Asbury Automotive Group for a 1,167% peak gain


ModivCare Inc. for a 1,833% peak gain


Brunswick Corp. for a 1,101% peak gain


Fair Isaac Corp. for a towering 2,054% peak gain

Fair Isaac

And Patrick Industries for a staggering 8,686% peak gain


But let me ask you this. How many of these do you have in your personal portfolio?

How many did you even HEAR of?

One or two… a handful at most?

You see, most of my favorite stocks are practically invisible. They don’t get airplay on Squawk Box… Bloomberg… or Mad Money with Jim Cramer.

Yet these “underground” stocks are quietly killing it.

They are the ones with the most explosive momentum. And they’re the opportunities my Million Dollar Rapid Wealth Multiplier engine sniffs out on a regular basis.

Let’s go back 20 years and it’s like a broken record. More spectacular back tested results…

My system identified Graco Inc. for a 3,528% peak gain


Ball Corp. for a 3,837% peak gain


NVR Inc. for a 8,929% peak gain


And Amedisys Inc. for a 9,832% peak gain…

Folks, that last one means you could have made almost 100X your money, had you gotten in at exactly the right time, and held on.

That’s the power I’m talking about here.

This robust and highly accurate predictive tool – which I have continued to tweak over the years – is scientifically proven to supercharge your gains by up to 44 TIMES – sometimes even more.

Now, I don’t want to promise you that every stock pick will be a big winner. That’s not reality… not in any system… and in fact, occasional losses are a natural part of investing. And I do not guarantee that my system will make you money.

But let me be frank…

When you’re putting your cash on the line, it pays to be as SCIENTIFIC as you can be.

By deliberately targeting stocks with a Rapid Wealth Multiplier score of +8 or higher…
I’ve managed to dominate my competition like Tom Brady

Folks, not everyone wants to grind out trades for 6 or 7 hours per day, right?

I sure don’t. It’s just not my style.

So, I was on the lookout for something that I knew was highly consistent, extremely liquid, and profitable… giving me the key to live the carefree lifestyle I envisioned for myself and my family. 

Like I said, after all these years of trial and error…

I finally find myself in the enviable position of being able to generate amazing results doing something relatively easy and quick…

That seemingly anyone can do…

With uncanny ability.

And the best thing of all is…

If you have a basic laptop or smartphone, and a minimum of $250 in “adventure money” to spare, you have everything you need to get started.

I only wish I had access to this incredible breakthrough when I was a young man.

Like I said, it has turned my wildest dreams into reality.

Hey, it's possible you could pull in over 6 figures a year using this specialized approach.

For example, I cranked out major profits on my first two trades of 2021…

⇨     The first trade taken in January yielded a 517.50% ROI

⇨     And the second in June yielded a 136.67% ROI.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t guarantee that I’m always right.

But thanks to this near-scientific approach to picking big winners,

I predict you’’ll have a chance to sit back and watch your bank account grow.

I can’t wait to tell you more about it…

The fact is I’m sick and tired of watching MILLIONS of Americans get suckered into TOXIC investments.

I can’t read a single article, blog or post online without being bombarded with bad information, spewed from the mouths of bad analysts, bad forecasters and bad journalists.

Call me a grump, but it makes me nauseous.

So I’m taking a stand...

I’m going to fight back against a seedy industry that I believe is filled to the brim with propaganda hounds, media pretty boys, and clueless 25-year old traders.

For once in my life, I’m taking a step to help other people like me – folks who’ve had it up to the gills with losing money on stocks because they’re being fed a continuous diet of bad advice all day, every day.

You see, this isn’t a side job or hobby for me. It’s my livelihood.

  • I don’t buy into hyperbolic nonsense.
  • I don’t listen to all the B.S. on TV.
  • I don’t listen to smart-ass MBAs who think that because they took a class in microeconomics, they know which stocks will shoot up 1,000%. 

You know what kills me these days? When the Federal Reserve has to say something like this…

“If you're wondering how much retirement savings are normal, you're probably one of the 64% of Americans who either don't think their savings are on track or aren't sure.”

That’s right. 64% of Americans are shaking in their shoes…

They don’t know if they have enough to fund their golden years…

And are SCARED to know how much they really need.

NO ONE – I don’t care if you’re a Wizard with enchanted powers or Warren Buffett’s private secretary…

NO ONE should be telling you that you only need $100,000, or maybe $250,000 to retire in style. If anyone says this to you, IGNORE THEM.

Better yet, run for the hills!

Hey, I’m too old to start pussy-footing now.

So I’ll say it clear…

If you’re approaching retirement age, you only have a limited amount of time to get your financial house in order…

And if you have less than $250,000 saved up, you’re in trouble.

You’ll likely need to DOUBLE it… and DOUBLE IT AGAIN to get anywhere close to a nest egg big enough to retire in comfort.

Anything under $1 million is danger territory.

And I’m sorry to say, but much of America is in danger of falling off the cliff.

Check out these alarming figures recently released by Synchrony Bank, indicating level of savings for retirement:

Americans in their 30s: Have $45,000 saved up

Americans in their 40s: $63,000 in savings

Americans in their 50s: $117,000 in their nest egg

Americans in their 60s: Just $172,000 saved to fund them all the way to age 90 or 100

Folks, that’s just NOT enough.

And if you’re expecting Social Security to tide you over, remember…

Social Security was never meant to be the sole source of retirement income. Retired workers average a monthly Social Security benefit of $1,543 as of January 2021 – roughly the equivalent of a minimum-wage job. Add the rising debt levels among Americans and you have a situation that’s a far cry from most people’s’ retirement dream of travel and leisure.

So it’s a good thing you’re reading this.

Because all I care about is WINNING and CLAWING BACK money that’s rightfully yours…

I’m happy to show you opportunities to do just that.

Now I don’t pull my punches. I hope you’re OK with that.

When you join me, I’ll give you the straight talk about the state of the markets… sly stock picks others don’t notice… and where to put YOUR HARD-EARNED MONEY for the best chance at a BIG return.

After all, it gets harder by the day with every Washington politician and greedy Wall Street hustler out to pinch another dollar from your wallet.

That’s the reason I’m thrilled to be introducing my extraordinary “Million Dollar Rapid Wealth Multiplier” stock-picking engine for the very first time. It’s a simple way to cut through the crap -- and zoom in on the most explosive opportunities out there.

Doesn’t matter if we’re being whipsawed by a volatile market… 

Or what the hell Biden and his cronies are scheming to do next.

You’ll never again be at the mercy of unpredictable events at home in America or in the wider world…

My Rapid Wealth Multiplier engine can help you crank out more money than greedy government politicians and Wall Street con artists can rob from you!

Like I said, I’ve been using this proprietary investment strategy for almost 35 years now… and I can tell you it has the power to potentially turn every dollar you’ve saved into as much as $44

Wouldn't that be SWEET REVENGE?!

Honestly, this couldn’t come at a better time.

Because the pressure on ordinary people is immense… And it’s about to throttle up in a way never seen before.

Signs suggest a big “money grab” is on the way. And it’s not just Federal taxes. You’ll feel the pain on a State and local level, too.


-The Wall Street Journal 

We’re talking about trillions and trillions of dollars here.

So everyday folks are going to need a lot more money.  And soon.

Here’s the great news. I can show anyone how you could make WAY larger returns than you’re probably making now. You’ll buy stocks the way you do now… Using your SAME broker…

The ONLY thing different is you’ll know about which Rapid Wealth Rockets are appearing on my screens every single day -- BEFORE you choose what to buy.

That could make a significant impact on your family’s net wealth.


For most folks that could mean an extra $50,000… $100,000… or in some cases, depending what you’re starting with, as much $500,000 to $1 million more in discretionary income.

It’s entirely possible.

Even AFTER shelling out for all the crap charges the government’s gonna throw at us. You know, the massive tax hikes, debt writeoffs, and moratoriums I mentioned earlier.

So… are you ready to get on track to controlling your OWN financial destiny?

Wealth Rockets

Hot Off the Press! Grab your copy of my biggest Wealth Rockets – as of NOW:
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→  My #1 Inflation Hedge Play               →  My #1 Insider Buying Play

→  My #1 Real Estate Play                     →  My #1 Small Bank Play

And now it gives me great pleasure to introduce:

Anthony Speciale’s

Everything I’ve been talking about today…

The amazing F-Score calculator… my special sauce for identifying big winners… my unbelievable radar for identifying hot new trades… and a special way you can make up to 44X MORE money than you’re doing today…

All these are like rocket fuel for my Rapid Wealth Multiplier engine that is responsible for identifying remarkable gains like these in back testing:

+385% on Atkore Inc.

+1,167% on Asbury Automotive Group

+ 354% gain on Builders FirstSource Inc.

+2,054% on Fair Isaac Corp.

+452% on Pitney Bowes

+3,528% on Graco Inc.

+689% on Lands End

+3,837% on Ball Corp.

+1,101% on Brunswick Corp.

+8,929% on NVR Inc.

And today, I’m wrapping it all up in my brand new service called Anthony Speciale’s Rapid Wealth Alliance that I’m launching today.

Now, I want to be straight up with you. 

It will be UNLIKE anything you’ve ever experienced before. 

Here are a few key facts you need to know before you join me for an exciting ride over the next 12 months:

FACT #1: This is very different from what you’re used to seeing. I’m NOT going to bore you with long-winded dissertations. There is no monthly newsletter. No complicated system you need to follow. No tons of reading between sessions. 

⇨ Your main benefit is twice-monthly LIVE, UNCENSORED VIDEO BROADCAST from the Rapid Wealth Alliance Command Center, where I divulge the latest new breakout opportunity appearing on my screens. 

I don’t fool around during each 30-minute video session. 

I cut through all the B.S. out there, and go straight to the TOP, most potentially lucrative trade opportunity available in the market at that moment.  

You leave each session knowing exactly what, when, and how you can seize these great opportunities. 

FACT #2: My commitment is to you. Only you. I’m not a fan of crass commercial messages. I don’t take advertising dollars. I don’t get paid to make recommendations. And I certainly don’t follow in the footsteps of the mainstream investment media. 

FACT #3: You’re joining at the perfect time. I’ll show you how to get sweet revenge against greedy government officials and ruthless Wall Street hucksters… how to CLAW BACK thousands and thousands of dollars more than they can rob from you.

My goal is to hand you opportunities to grow your wealth by up to 44 TIMES WHAT YOU’RE USING NOW… Using my time-honored, scientific, and no B.S. Rapid Wealth Multiplier engine.

And in my professional opinion, we have our sights on the BIGGEST, BEST, AND MOST INDISPUTABLE moonshot opportunities you’ll see this decade. 

Remember, I do all the hard work behind the scenes…

You just show up every other Tuesday at 3:00PM ET and jot down my newest #1 recommendation. which I’ll reveal that day (if I haven’t already sent you a flash alert in the previous days.)

Then it’s up to you whether to execute the trade in your own account.  

Darned simple, right?

Following this approach over and over again over the course of the next year could generate a secret treasure chest for you and your family. So I encourage you to get “skin in the game” before the wider world sees what’s happening. 

This is for you if you have $25,000, $100,000, $250,000… or even $500,000 saved up.

I know some of the claims in this presentation may seem incredible, and there are no guarantees…

But my winning trading record speaks for itself.  

Fact is, if you have a brokerage account now... access to email... and a minimum of $500 per trade to invest... 

You have all the tools I recommend you have to get started.

Once onboard, you simply wait for our next Insiders Wealth Session to go live.  

During that 30-minute session, you can trade right alongside me.  

I’ll tell you where my Rapid Wealth Multiplier engine sees another lucrative stock opportunity developing, and the best way for you to get positioned.  

Plus here’s something extra for acting ASAP…

Wealth Rockets

Hot Off the Press! Grab your copy of my biggest Wealth Rockets – as of NOW:
A Whopping $996 value… yours FREE today

→  My #1 Electric Vehicle Play               →  My #1 Infrastructure Play

→  My #1 Pre-IPO SPAC Play                  →  My #1 Sports Betting Play

→  My #1 Space Race Play                     →  My #1 Hi-Tech Dividend Play

→  My #1 Tech Superstar Play                →  My #1 Sin Stock Play

→  My #1 Inflation Hedge Play               →  My #1 Insider Buying Play

→  My #1 Real Estate Play                     →  My #1 Small Bank Play

This special report is our special gift absolutely FREE when you accept a new  subscription to Anthony Speciale’s Rapid Wealth Alliance.

Remember, the prize here can be big….

I predict any one of these picks could go 5X… 25X… even 50X bigger over time.

So you’ll need to act ASAP.

Only The Lucky Few Are Guaranteed a Seat Today... 

Now that I’m officially launching Rapid Wealth Alliance, I’m determined to do it the right way.

That means keeping it to a tight group of committed investors… so I’m going to spread the wealth today.    

I want to maximize the potential gains for each reader... so you’ll have the best opportunity to get in at the best price.  

If too many people rush into the specific trades that my Rapid Wealth Multiplier engine recommends today, the profitability of your trades could be affected.  

I don’t want that to happen. And the best way to ensure it doesn’t is by limiting the number of new members allowed in today.  

Don’t forget…  

I can’t think of a better time to get on board.  

I expect to discuss a brand new trade every two weeks or so. Plus tons of analysis... 

See all the green circles just ahead of us? Each one is a new LIVE Rapid Wealth Trading session that you’ll be invited to attend…  

Remember, every circle is your chance to start making up to 44 times the money you’re used to making.  

How does that sound?

Now, I do need to clarify one point. Entrance isn’t guaranteed.  

Here’s the crucial part. So please, listen carefully... 

Only the lucky few will get to experience my unique investment research and recommendation service, Rapid Wealth Alliance on a first-come, first-serve basis.  

So you’ll need to act fast…  

If you do get in, I promise I’ll do everything in my power to help you get up and running by tomorrow at 9:30 a.m... 

Hold on, there’s more. 

When you respond today, as an extra incentive, I’ll rush you my brand new report on stocks I think could make the upcoming year your most profitable year ever.  

Hot off the presses, it’s called Anthony Speciale’s Top 12 High-Flying Wealth Rockets for 2022

Wealth Rockets

Like I said, it’s super-valuable…

Because it cherry picks my #1 pick as of RIGHT NOW in each of 12 industries that are crucial to America’s success.

Hi-tech… Banking… Space Race… Sin Stocks… Real Estate… Infrastructure… plus a ton more.

And you get my favorite stock opportunity in each of them. For FREE!

Remember, my undefeated status means EVERYTHING to me... I will never RISK anything to lose it. So I treat every investment like a life or death situation.

And in these precarious times, nothing could be more harmful than losing a big trade

That's why if I'm not comfortable putting my own money into a stock, I won't recommend touching it -- not with a ten-foot pole.

So with this free report… you have my word that you’re getting everything you’ll need to tap the market for profits up to 44X more money than you’re used to. Now, this does not guarantee you will make money, even if you follow what I do. Moreover, I would say beware of anyone who guarantees you a gain in the market.

But like I said, it pays to get as SCIENTIFIC as you can when your money is on the line.

IMPORTANT: This special report is free to all new members... but is not available to the wider public.  

Best of all, it’s yours to keep — no matter what you decide to do later! 

Even though these are serious big money opportunities… it won’t cost you thousands of dollars.

Look, this is extremely valuable information. Serious traders – those in America’s richest One Percent -- would be happy to pay thousands of dollars an hour to jump on my twice-monthly live trading sessions.

But I didn’t create the Rapid Wealth Alliance to help the rich get richer. Nothing would make me happier than to have YOU, the little guy investor, contact me in a month or two to tell me your dreams have been realized…

To say you’ve gone from being a cautious, run of the mill investor…

To being a wise and wealthy trader – all thanks to my Rapid Wealth Multiplier engine that you didn’t even know existed before! Let me make that happen for you.  

Your entrance fee to gain access to my Rapid Wealth Alliance seems paltry in comparison to all the value I’m giving you today… You get nearly $5,000 worth of trading secrets when you add up all this…  



Two Live Rapid Wealth Trading Sessions per month - giving you V.I.P access to 24 sessions over the next year.

24 Sessions Total Value $1997.50

A full year of complete writeups for each and every trade my strategy recommends...

12 Months Access Total Value $997.50

Summary videos in case you miss a live session...

12 Months Access Total Value $497.50

Our unique Trading Idea Trackers that track the trades after they are recommended in our private Control Room

12 Months Access Total Value $497.50


And let's not forget your free Special Report, called
Anthony Speciale’s Top 12 High-Flying Wealth Rockets for 2022



Wealth Rockets

(HINT: Do not share this with anyone -- not your co-workers, not your friends, not your family members – NO ONE.  These companies are far too small for everyone to get in.)



That’s IF you’re lucky enough to grab one of the available seats today, of course.

One More FREE Intelligence Briefing--
My 'Thank You' for Signing up Today

You need to know that my Rapid Wealth Multiplier engine isn’t just good at identifying stocks on the verge of a major breakout…

It also acts as an “early warning system” for toxic stocks about to fall off a cliff.

So when you respond today, as an extra incentive,

I’ll rush you my complete dossier on SEVEN TOXIC STOCKS that could be about to blow your portfolio to smithereens.

FREE GIFT #2 ⇒ 7 Toxic ‘Hot Stocks’ to Sell by 5PM Today

Here’s the crazy thing: Most people are looking at these companies the completely wrong way. It’s only when I shut down my computer – and got under the hood of these popular stocks – that I realized they were like jumbo jets headed for DISASTER.

Whatever you do, even if you don’t choose to stay with me for the next year…

I STRONGLY URGE you to take five minutes and scan through this free bonus report.

If you don’t have any of these duds in your personal portfolio – GREAT! I suggest you keep it that way…

Toxic Hot Stocks

However, if you have one, or God forbid two or more, you should think about  getting out the Drano and flushing them down the drain ASAP!

(YIKES! I’m horrified to see one of these is an EV company being hailed by many as the future of the car industry. Total B.S.!)

Doing these things can help you stay ahead – far ahead -- of the money-sucking beast that is Washington D.C.

I suspect you’re like me.

You’re SICK of all the new taxes, handouts, and giveaways coming down the pipeline that we’re going to have to pay for…

And you’d LOVE a chance to become your own boss… to claw back some money… and seal your own FINANCIAL FREEDOM by making up to 44 TIMES THE MONEY you’re making now.

Does that ring true? 

Now is the time to gain your TRUE and JUST REVENGE against the establishment.

I guarantee you this.  

The sooner you get in, the more opportunity you'll have to accumulate serious, life-changing profits.

You won’t want to miss even one of my UNCENSORED Rapid Wealth Alliance sessions which go LIVE twice a month – on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month .  

In the coming days, I’ll tell you exactly which opportunities have climbed to the top of my list (yes, even NEWER than the ones in your free special report).

Crucially — in the face of monumental governmental interference and Wall Street shenanigans… I am seeing some of our BIGGEST and MOST LUCRATIVE opportunities ever.

That’s why I’ve agreed to offer you an extra special deal today.  

PLUS, as a charter member of Rapid Wealth Alliance,
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You save $4,878 on one year when you become a Charter Member of Rapid Wealth Alliance for just $89 per year …

Needless to say, at this heavily discounted Charter rate, your very first successful trade could easily pay for your membership many times over!

So let me highlight how AWESOME this deal is…

You won’t pay 4 grand… you won’t pay three… you won’t even pay ONE-TENTH the retail price by jumping on this offer today… 

Your one-year membership is only $89 – a fantastic savings of more than 90%. 

That’s an awesome deal! 

Have you seen how much trading services cost these days? 

They routinely run $2,000, $2,500, even $5,000 per year and more… 

I haven’t seen many worth the hefty price tag. 

So I created Rapid Wealth Alliance to be different than anything else out there. Both in terms of the spectacular — and spectacularly QUICK — profits it can deliver. 

But this offer won't last forever.

If you’re lucky enough to snag a seat today… 

You’ll get to join me LIVE from 11am to noon EST , twice per month, for 30 minutes of power trading and analysis.

The trades my engine highlights are perfectly understandable… 

Relatively LOW RISK… 

Plus they’re cut & paste SIMPLE to execute… 

Honestly, I can’t think of a better way to gain REVENGE on all the greedy fingers out there trying to strip you of your wealth.

The Charter Enrollment period begins today; but it CLOSES on Saturday, December 31.

CAUTION: You may get a “Sorry, Room Full” message when you finally decide to join.  

That means I had an overwhelming response and all the seats have been snatched up — so you may have to wait months for a new invitation.  

If I open it again that soon. 

I can’t say for sure that you’re in until you Join Rapid Wealth Alliance and confirm your participation. Once you’re in, you’ll have access to all this: 

● 2 LIVE sessions per month in my real-time Control Room. This is my nerve center… a multi-dimensional trading floor where I exchange crucial information including what my indicators say to buy and sell, how, and at what price. You even get to interact with me via chat during these sessions. 

Remember, I’ll be in the Control Room with you — looking for the gains, helping dodge the risks, and making sure you’re comfortable with the fast pace. You’ll also get:

● Post-Trading Room Summaries. Don’t worry. Even if you miss a session, you’ll always have access to video replays, plus written details of the trades identified as Rapid Wealth Rockets. 

● Rapid Wealth Multiplier Stock Tracker. Go here to track the trades we discovered during the live sessions. This is a great resource to keep on top of how your real-life stock buys are performing. 

● Your VIP Members-Only Website — Here you’ll find anything you may have missed — including Rapid Wealth Alliance archives (both video and text formats), trade performance for past Rapid Wealth Rockets, Alerts, FAQs, and much more. 

● YOUR NEW MEMBER BONUS: Anthony Speciale’s Top 12 High-Flying Wealth Rockets for 2022.

Wealth Rockets

As a special bonus for joining today, you’ll get my exclusive “stock multiplier playbook” showing how quick and easy it is to exploit this technique for extraordinary gains on 12 ripe opportunities in the market right now. The ONLY place you can get this report is here…And only if you’re one of the first to respond today.  

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That’s right. You are entitled to every penny back if you cancel anytime over the next 365 days. 

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Of course, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever want to cancel…  

With a brand new Rapid Wealth Alliance trading session going LIVE twice per month… 

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That’s a lot of money multiplier trades coming your way. 

And today, you can lock in a one-year membership for only $89.  

That’s a real steal. 

But please be aware: You MUST act now. 

Once we hit our quota of new members, I may be forced to close Rapid Wealth Alliance to new members until further notice. I expect to be SO busy finding high-flying stock ideas for my readers, that it could be a long time before I open enrollment again. 

Especially at this ridiculously low new member’s price… 

You see, I need to make sure my investors are getting into, and out of, the recommended trades at the correct prices. I won’t have much time to do anything else. 

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Six months from now, you’ll either have taken advantage of this rare chance to pocket major profits… or walked away from the opportunity of a lifetime.  

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You could miss out on this terrific opportunity today. 

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So, I urge you to click the button below now.  

You can also call our Member Services Team at 888-483-5161. They’ll confirm if you’re one of the first to respond, and answer any questions you may have so you can get started right away.

OK, the time for talk is over. Now it’s time for action.

This is Anthony Speciale signing out.

Next time I talk to you, I hope you will be a member in good standing.

See you on the other side.


Anthony Speciale

Anthony Speciale
Editor, Rapid Wealth Alliance


P.S. You must begin NOW to get the most chances to claw back the money coming out of your pockets to pay for outrageous tax hikes… debt writeoffs… moratoriums… and other handouts. Luckily for you, there’s a SCIENTIFIC way to do it with a time-honored method that can churn out up to 44x the money you’re used to making.

P.P.S. I’m willing to give you my ‘Every Penny Back’ guarantee. You’re entitled to a 100% REFUND OF YOUR SUBSCRIPTION PRICE — NO QUESTIONS ASKED — if you’re not richer at any time over the next 365 days. Don’t wait – press the green button NOW! 

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